Establishing a Line of Credit

Donend Financial Instruments Limited provide project funding by securing a Credit Facility with our Partners on behalf of clients.

Smart Tips for Establishing a Line of Credit

  1. Our Lenders will ONLY issue a line of credit at the back of a Bank Instrument that guarantees Loan repayment.
    If your business is relatively new and the bank is not satisfied with the primary and secondary sources of repayment, it may ask for personal collateral to secure the loan.
  2. If the venture is a partnership or corporation with more than one principal, the bank will most likely collateralize the loan from all the principals involved to obtain a line of credit.
    You must present reasonable financial documents to obtain a line of credit.
  3. Unless you are a well-established business, you must provide project proposal,proforma, i.e., forward-looking, cash flow documents that demonstrate your ability to pay back the money.